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 Recruitment status & Requirements

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PostSubject: Recruitment status & Requirements   Fri Sep 28, 2012 3:34 pm

Recruitment Status is: OPEN


Before posting application you should make yourself familiar with guild rules.
Please don't bother applying if you:

- your lvl isn't 170+

- when your gear doesnt include these items:
-rings: +2 minimum
-armor: all parts 7 amp atleast
-weapons: all max craft ( except mith +11 or higher)
-eof or eos +7 or higher

- aren't patient and friendly person
- have been in negative contact with GM
- have been in negative contact with one of our members
- have been declined in past
- have bad reputation as player (alz buying, scam, scam attempts, senseless flaming etc)
- don't want to contribute to guild and think only of self improvement
- don't have average english language skills
- are applying to any other guild atm
- tend to get involved in flame wars or question decisions made by guild management
- aren't active in dungeons and guild community
- don't have above average set and dungeon experience
- are guild shifter ( a person who tends to change guilds often )

If accepted you will be given full membership or trial status.
Trial status will last for an unlimited time depending on your behavior, activity, community involvement and game skills. Trial members dont have any special rights such as drop price discount.
You can post ur application as guest
Make sure you register with your in-game name
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Recruitment status & Requirements
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