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 Guild rules

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PostSubject: Guild rules   Wed Oct 03, 2012 11:19 pm

Main rules:

-Respect guildmembers, dont insult, be patient and dont flame or treat members in a bad way.
-Community involvement: take part in being a guild.
-FT2 and MO can only be done with guildmembers! no outsiders allowed! this means you can only be in those dungeons with the guild and
with nobody else.
-We do understand you have friends to go with. all dungeons lower then ft2 and mo can be done with friends.(preferable is to go with guildmembers ofc).
-When joining here you contribute to our rules and we expect you to follow them.
-Alts aren't allowed inside the guild.
-Main language = English
-Its common sense to relog for guildmembers in TG.
-When u are inactive for some reason, always mail the GM why and how long.
-We dont stimulate alz/cc buyers or any kind of cc abuse.
-Dungeon waiting time = max 5 minutes which means:
1. when pt has been you have 5 min to go dgn, else you can leave pt if you want to go make sth else.
2. when we are going to spam dungeons, ppl have time to smoke or w/e for 5 minutes max. if timer passed 5 minuts, you are free to go w/o that person or invite someone else into pt.(if sp is needed ofcourse will wait.)


-Guild price discount is -25% for dungeon party , -%15 for all members (for full guild members only!). for example if bof+7 dropped and price is 470kk. partymember wants to buy it(pt of 4 people dropped Bof+7): 470*0.75/4= 88kk. 470-88=382. 382/4*3=286.5 (amount that needs to be paid to other 3 pt members.
-If more than one player want to buy the dropped item, they will decide it by rolling the dice.
-Trial members aren't allowed to take rare / unique items, for example: lot is not allowed for tyrant ring. (breaking this rule results in
-Trial members are able to buy the dropped items, but only if noone else need it from the side of full guild members.
-After obtaining the Leth Tyrant ring, you dont have to pay a cr2 to party for example.
-If you bought a party drop, for example: BoX +7, you can keep your old one. (if you allready have for example 2x bof+7 u wont be able
to get another bof+7 from the party drops).
-Party leader in bigger dungeons is always the (co) GM.
-In smaller dungeons, you can decide personally about how to share.
-Epic drops musn't be sold in the first 3 days, to give guildmembers a chance to buy to drop.
Epic drops = items of highest grades for example eox+8, mith max craft. (double amped lower grade parts.
-Partymembers have the first priority to buy drops, guildmembers can buy if partymember doesnt want the item.
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Guild rules
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